Filming Permit for Foreign Products



Foreign film producers, directors and companies who want to shoot a film (a documentary, motion picture, TV film, TV series, TV programme, short film, video clip or advertisement) in Turkey have to apply to the Directorate General of Cinema to obtain filming permit.


A member of the foreign crew (the director or the producer) has to fill out and sign the application form in English or in Turkish. It has to be stated in the application form that a DVD copy of the film will be sent to the Directorate of Cinema after its release.


The list with the names and surnames, job titles, work and home addresses and telephone numbers, passport numbers and nationalities and also the passport photocopies of all the crew members have to be enclosed to the form.

Please give a number to each person in the list and write the same number on his/her passport photocopy.

The genre of the film has to be stated in the application form as a documentary, motion picture, TV film, TV series, TV programme, short film, video clip or advertisement.

The script for some film projects may also be requested.

The documents have to be sent by e-mail to or or by post to the following address: Sinema Genel Müdürlüğü, Anafartalar Cad. No: 67, 06250, Ulus, Ankara. If you send us by post, you are requested to send a petition (with original signature) asking for permission.

According to the regulations, during the film shooting it is obligatory to have at least one host who is a citizen of the Turkish Republic.

Your host has to contact us to confirm that we have received the documents.

Your host has to send us his/her documents.

Mihmandarlar için Başvuru Formu


We recommend you to send all the application documents at least two weeks before the entry date of the crew members into Turkey.

The filming permit and application documents will be sent to you and/or your host via e-mail.

Before shooting the film in Turkey, you have to apply to the Provincial Directorates of Culture and Tourism, situated in the provinces where you will shoot the film, for further information and permit. You have to submit the filming permit given by our Directorate General and the application documents attached to the Provincial Directorates. Detailed information has to be submitted about the story/plot and the locations of the shoot. In order to help the film crews, the hosts can apply to the Provincial Directorates and get information about the permissions and fees to shoot films in special locations.

You can apply to the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in your country to receive information about the visa.

Journalists, radio and TV reporters who want to make a news programme with audio and video recording have to apply directly to the Office of the Prime Minister - Directorate General of Press and Information.

Photographers/Crews who want to shoot only photographs have to apply directly to the
Provincial Directorates of Culture and Tourism.


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